Native American Style Flute "Resting Horse" - Mid F

Wood:  Quilted Maple with mahogany and maple accents

Key: Mid F

Length: 22"


This is a wonderful flute has a beautiful singing quality with a full bodied sound that makes it a joy to play. It has a lot to offer with plenty of room to grow your technique. The smaller holes make it easy on the fingers though the bottom hole is a bit of a reach and is probably more suited for intermediate players though it would also be good for a beginner to grow into over time. I had a wonderful time recording with this flute. It records really well and it plays really well on those trips out into nature.  It's equally at home with soft and lyrical playing and responds well to quick fingering, double and triple tonguing.  The resting horse fetish is a hand carved Japanese netsuke which are small sculptures that originated in the 17th century. They were decorative art often attached to a medicine box or the obi (sash) of men’s traditional dress. They are highly prized as miniature arts pieces in Japan. The body of the flute is made from quilted maple which is reserved primarily for high end instruments for its resonant quality and beautiful shimmering looks. The flute is finished with a durable finish that brings out the beautiful grain and elegance of the wood.

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