Native American Style Flute "Hummingbird" - Mid E

Wood: Ash

Key: Mid E 

Length: Approx. 27”   

This one of a kind hand-painted flute has a voice that is sweet and mellow enough to bring you to center. The smaller holes makes it a bit easier for smaller hands to play. It is beautifully responsive to faster fingering as well as double tonguing, The ash wood is usually known for a bolder voice but this flute plays and sounds more like cedar. It is hand-painted with flowers and leaves of spring and accented with a beautiful Ruby-throated hummingbird totem by Salem artist and flutemaker John Eley. The flute is finished with a durable gloss coating to preserve the painting and the totem is triple tied to prevent traveling while playing.

Usually mid-E flutes have been a challenge for me to play because of having shorter fingers but I've had no trouble getting around on this flute. Comes with a flute bag and is signed by the artist.

 If you have any questions about this flute, feel free to contact me at and I’d be happy to answer them.

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Price: $700US (Free shipping in U.S. and Canada. All other countries please contact me at to get a shipping estimate.