Native American Style Flute "Two Feathers" - Mid E


Wood: Mahogany with Padauk accents

Key: Mid E  

Length: Approx 24"

This flute has an old soul feel to it when you play it. It's a very soft-voiced flute perfect for the playing at the end-of-the-day to wind down. The bottom three fingerholes are quite wide apart so you would either need long fingers or play with piper's grip. With that said, this is what makes up for the beautiful character of the sound of this flute. If you're willing take the time to find your fingering, it will reward you with it's soft and beautiful tone. The artwork is tastefully done by Salem, Oregon artist John Eley and includes two feathers painted on either side of the body. The totem is a set of stair steps made of padauk leading to a fiery piece of durable resin that glows with blue opalescence. It is signed by the artist and ready for you to play. Comes with a carry bag for easy transport and extra protection.

If you have any questions about this flute, feel free to contact me at and I’d be happy to answer them.

Price: $550 (free shipping to anywhere it the U.S. and Canada). All other countries please email me at for shipping estimate

Sound Samples