Wanna See Something Funny But Sweet?

I swiped this image from my very first video I put out on Youtube back in 2008. It’s a song called Friend which you can find on the album Dogum that I put out in 2010. You can find the full video here

Yes, the sound is terrible (I didn’t know what I was doing putting the sound together), yes my hair looks weird long, no, I am not wearing some glam outfit and no, none of this matters. What mattered really was getting this video and song out there to share it with people. To push past the shyness I felt and share what I had in the moment. That’s why I can look at this video and be proud of what I did even though it’s not the most glamourous music video in the world. 

I believe we are coming on a time where we are all going to be able to open up and share the gifts we have. I’ve been watching this happening in the music world with so many people coming out and sharing their work in so many beautiful ways. All we need to do is simply start where we are and just let things grow from there. I know I still have to push past moments of shyness and getting on stage or in front of a camera is still a bit of a struggle but I do it anyway because the thrill of sharing something I’ve got is so much more powerful. I am so thankful that I have a bit of audacity to try new things to see where I can go because I won’t know until I try. 

Take care all and if there is something new you want to try, I just want to encourage you to just do it and see what happens! 

Many thanks for reading this and stay amazing! 


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