Yucca Didgeridoo "Storyteller" - Key of B

Wood: Yucca  

Key: B  

Horns: Eb, B, F  

Mouthpiece: Maple, Padauk, Walnut, Turquoise  

Length: 68.5”  

Bell: 3 x 3.5  

Mouthpiece Diameter: 1 3/8 “  

Big, beautiful, rich and resonant sound is how I describe this yucca didgeridoo. I’ll admit, when I first started making this didge, I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. But some didgeridoos end up being wonderful surprises and this didge is one such instrument. It has a big bore which normally results in poorer backpressure but the backpressure on this one is fairly strong making it a bit easier to play. It is a big softy meaning you can lose yourself in the deep but strong drone. This didge is made from yucca which is a lightweight material making it easier to carry. It’s rich voice is all about vocals and with the larger bore and fairly straight walls, you can explore the full gamut of what this didge has to offer. Even though its strengths are more for the meditative type playing style it is also capable of moderate rhythms but is definitely not a speed demon. Nope, instead, this critter is made to take you into deeper regions where you can explore the sonic landscape all the way to the outer edges. Just make sure to come back. The first two horns are fairly easy and mellow but the third needs a little pushing and is fairly bright.  

I don’t usually put artwork on didgeridoos but there were spots on this didge that were calling for it so I wood burned them with some original work and did some turquoise inlay to compliment the overall colors. I’ve finished this didge with a food grade epoxy and a top coat of food grade finishing wax to show off its beautiful colors and add to its durability. The mouthpiece is finished with the same wax and can easily be touched up with a butcher block conditioner when needed. It also comes with a custom made carry bag to protect it from scuffs and for easier transport. The best part about this didge is it’s size. Ordinarily didgeridoos this deep are long and a bit cumbersome but this one is easy to transport even in an economy car. It is signed and numbered as a playable piece of art. If you have any questions about this didgeridoo, feel free to contact me at didgegnome6@gmail.com and I’d be happy to answer them.

Sound sample coming soon!