Didgetree Keepsake Charm Necklace; "Ghost Didge"

Made for the didgeridoo lover and enthusiast, this little miniature didgeridoo charm is hand carved from storm fallen Oregon ash which is indigenous to the Pacific Northwest  I hand pick each piece of wood according to shape and size and then carve it to reveal its own unique beauty of the wood that can be worn for casual every day or to fairs and festivals. Oregon ash has a distinctive white color almost looking like ivory but if you look close, you can see the shimmering grain of the wood. The charm itself is about four inches long and is accented with a tiny mouthpiece made of padauk and finished with frosted glass, clear glass, metal and jasper beads to reflect this beautiful planet Earth that we live on. The waxed cotton cord adjusts up to 13 inches so you can wear it at any length. The didgeridoo charm is finished with a durable, food grade epoxy that is non-toxic and easily cleanable. Although it may not be playable, this keepsake can reflect your love of this ancient Australian instrument for many years to come. Each charm necklace is also signed and dated. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 

Free domestic shipping to anywhere in the U.S. 

NOTE: This item has a magnetic clasp which has been known to create issues with pacemakers and other medical devices. 

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Price: $68US includes free domestic shipping to anywhere in the U.S.. All other countries please contact me at didgegnome6@gmail.com to get a shipping estimate.