I started making these little charms in 2015 and they have been one of the most popular things I've done. Each charm is hand carved from woods of the Pacific Northwest including ash, cedar, alder, maple, yew and oak. I then finish them with a non-toxic and durable finish before accenting them with beads. See below for available Keepsakes.

NEW: Didgetree Charm Necklace "Forest Calling"






NEW: Didgetree Charm Necklace "Ghost Didge"






NEW: Didgetree Charm Necklace "Forest Dweller"







NEW: Didgetree Charm Necklace "Little Wanderer"


I just acquired several Native American Style flutes made by my good friend John Eley. John is an artist and flute maker originally from England who lives in Oregon. He has been making flutes since 2001 and is the owner of Medicine Wheel Flutes and Arts. He got into flute making when his wife, Maggie, took him to a cultural diversity event where he met his future flute making teacher Quiet Bear. He is also a life long wood carver making all kinds of toys including prize winning rocking horses and is a member of the Rocking Horse Makers Guild of York, England. John will be retiring from flute making in June of 2022 and I am helping sell his remaining stock. Every flute is a one of a kind piece of art in addition to being a musical instrument. Below are some of his works that are available.

NEW: "Two Feathers" - Mid E

"Fox Spirit" - Mid F#

NEW: "Resting Horse" Mid F

"Eagle Spirit" - Mid F#

NEW: "Hummingbird" Mid E

"Mother and Child" - SOLD Thanks Greg

Native American Flute by Stellar Flutes - SOLD Thanks Debbie

"Autumn Colors" Native American Flute - SOLD Thanks Gregg