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What's In A Story?

I used to think I never had a story to tell. Whenever people would ask me to tell them about myself, I would respond with “There’s nothing to tell really.”

Usually when someone says this, they have something…

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Stepping up to the Plate

This is a story of how I took a leap of faith eight years ago and have come to be where I’m at in this moment. It’s also about some of the amazing things I’ve learned along the way while

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Just a Nugget I Wanted to Share With You

There’s been a lot on my mind lately about fitting into this world versus making your own world. Earlier this morning, I wrote the following in my journal: 

I have no desire to fit in the world as it is.

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The Gift of Quiet Disruption

I feel like being a quiet disruptor today. Hearing the news of wars, shootings, corruption and so much more it's easy to feel this world is going mad. I'm turning to favor something better. Showing something better. Using my art…

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Are You Ready to Play?


Author’s Disclaimer: This is an article written completely from stream-of-consciousness with no editing so it may seem a bit grammatically rough and redundant in places. I wanted to leave it this way because it’s more sincere and closest to how

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Circular Breathing, Letting Go & Learning to Be A Boss At Life


Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking a lot about the parallels between being a musician and learning skills, practice habits and mindsets etc. and how those can translate over to life skills. In all honesty, I've been hesitant…

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The Importance of Self-Care

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to say when you’re feeling the full weight of being human. It’s not necessarily depression. It’s more like the energy is down but the spirit is still there and it’s like something is whispering…

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Things Are Evolving: Musical Project In the Making

Tracks for Sandstorm


It can go without saying that the most challenging part of composing for didgeridoo is coming up with consistently interesting music for the listener who is not as familiar with this ancient instrument. This is one reason…

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New Single Release and Thoughts at 12:36am

This is me at 12:36am. It’s getting to be late at night and I really should call it a day but I just released the Sandstorm video into the world tonight and I just wanted to say something about it…

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Photoblog: Life In Autumn 2021

Hello Everyone. I just wanted to some of the beauty of the forest during these days of October here in the Pacific Northwest. I always feel like I'm in heaven whenever I take these walks. Especially in Autumn.

This is…

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I Love It When This Happens

This is a list of the songs I started this year. There are 105 of them. Only three of them were started late last year. This list does not include the 400 or 500 more songs that's on the other…

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There Are Reasons Why I Do This

There are reasons why I sit and do this for hours. The first is to put a good quality instrument into the hands of players. When I get a message from a customer on how much they love their instrument…

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Summer Travels, New Music and Explorations

Hello Everyone!

It's been awhile since I've written anything! Before I even start, I thought it would be a fun idea to share this piano and strings piece first. As you listen to it, you can look at the rest…

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Fueling Dreams and Setting Intentions

Whew! I’m back online after a whirlwind couple of weeks. June has been exceptionally busy with wrapping up projects and starting new projects but the biggest thing is beginning a new chapter in my life that will have me lving…

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Born to Be

At some point, you cross a threshold and become the artist you were born to be. When this happens, there’s a certain sweetness you can relax into and just let things flow the way they were meant to. This is…

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Celebrating 16 Years Of Didgeridoo

Sixteen years ago this month, a walked into a used CD store in Seattle to find some music to listen to. At the time, I was really into the music of Dead Can Dance, Sheila Chandra and anything with a…

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I Learned This From a Didgeridoo Mouthpiece

Hey there, Been feeling the push to say this out loud and it may sound weird but I'm going say it anyway.

Lately, I’ve been feeling the push to expand beyond my current borders to grow into something bigger than…

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I'm Doing WHAT???!!

Hey there Wonderfuls! 

I'm coming up for air long enough to fill you in on life's happenings. Most of the time life's happenings are inconsequential to the music making but in this case, it will have an effect on it…

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