Below are a list of videos from the past online workshops we've done together to help take your didgeridoo playing to the next level. They cover a variety of subjects so if you don't see what you would like to learn here, let me know and we'll try to schedule a workshop for it.

Circular breathing doesn't need to be hard. In fact is a simple process that allows us to do the seemingly impossible - keep the drone on our didegridoos going for extended periods of time. 

In this workshop we explore circular breathing basics taking a step-by-step approach, what to do when you get stuck and setting up great practice habits so you can build your circular breathing skills with success. There are also several exercises that you can play along and practice with.

This class covers seven different unique rhythms each with their own character ranging from easy to challenging. We break each rhythm down and explore its components and the different ways we can play each one using vocals, dynamics, speed and more. Bring a didgeridoo because you’ll be doing lots of playing on this one!