The Gift of Quiet Disruption

I feel like being a quiet disruptor today. Hearing the news of wars, shootings, corruption and so much more it's easy to feel this world is going mad. I'm turning to favor something better. Showing something better. Using my art and music to show a better way. It's taken a long time for me to admit that I'm a high sensitive (as opposed to overly sensitive) being - one who feels so much in this world and trying to find ways of processing it all. This is where making music and art has been of the most help. It's easy for me to feel like not wanting to be here to participate in this human world. When I see how things are so crazy, fouled-up and horrifying, I just want to stay in my inner sanctuary. Safe. Cozy. Weaving my beautiful world for myself. But then there are days like this where I can't keep things in. I have to share them so I can empty myself to have the room for more to come through. This is the nature of flow of all art. It's so much like the river that never stays the same. 

It never ceases to amaze me that in this world of so much hate, despair and anger that we can still find it to be kind, creative, innovative, wholehearted, caring. It's our disruption. Showing a third way. It’s not black and white but rather shades of all colors of the world. We are threads in this magnificent carpet and when we choose to weave ourselves in with what we have, we make the most gorgeous patterns. No gift is too small. I have to remember this for myself as much an anyone when I think of staying safe in my space. 

The two images above are from a video I’ve been working on for a song called Drops of Light – which is what we are whether we think so or not. I’ll be releasing a video teaser of the song across my social media later on this week and a full version of the video for my Patreon members  on Friday. The song itself will be available for download also on Friday through Patreon. 

Thank you for letting me ramble.

Sending you all lots of the love,


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