Just a Nugget I Wanted to Share With You

There’s been a lot on my mind lately about fitting into this world versus making your own world. Earlier this morning, I wrote the following in my journal: 

I have no desire to fit in the world as it is. I can make my own world that is rich and beautiful beyond measure. Does this make me special? Nope. Just different. I came here to share the gifts of being human, loving and creative and I can’t disregard them. They are what keep me in the magic of being.  You see, I feel we were never meant to be cogs in a system of standard normality. Indeed, we were meant to acknowledge the gifts we have. To honor these gifts by simply engaging in them every single day. We were never meant to throw away our gifts just to merely survive, pay bills, buy stuff or work until we retire with what energy we have left. We were meant to create our own colorful and harmonious place that resonates with our own inner beauty. A place that interlocks with the beauty of others to create a larger world that we can all enjoy and participate in.  Can you imagine a place so filled with delight? A place that resonates with each other and this magnificent planet we call home? I can and I have. This is the reason why I continue to choose to keep making music and art on my own terms. It’s not an easy path in this world that demands constant energy but it’s the most soul-fulfilling way. It’s what I was meant to do and the way I was meant to be. 

I don’t feel the need to say any more than that. Take away what you will from it.

I hope you have a brilliant day and take good care of yourself.

Much love, 


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